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The Musical. Meghan Glogower Ensemble is honored to make her Alliance debut. National Tours: Mamma Mia! Belmont University alum. All my love to Scott. Tamrin Goldberg Ensemble is a Brooklyn-based performer and choreographer. Goodspeed Musicals , Oklahoma! She's seen it at least five times. So having a part in this show makes her happy.

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And that makes me happy. Playing King Francis makes me happy.

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It's good to be the king. So all that's left is for you, the audience, to be happy. We'll do our best.

We hope it makes you happy. Joshua Keith Ensemble is super excited to make his Alliance debut. National tours: Dirty Dancing North American tour.

Howard University B. Thank you to my family and amazing husband! Joshua UNC Chapel Hill. Kristie, thank you for joining me on this journey. I love you! She is thrilled to be part of this amazing new show and began her love of theatre playing Rosie the Riveter at Alliance Theatre summer camp at the age of 4. Chani Maisonet Ensemble is super excited to make her Alliance Theatre mainstage debut with Ever After, a dream come true! Chani is a vocal performance alumna of Kennesaw State University. When Chani is not performing, she actively gives back and loves to share her driving passion for her two favorite art forms: working as vocal coach by day and teaching dance by night.

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Love to friends and family for so much support! Voice of Michigan J. Frog for WB. Western Michigan University Alumni. Joseph J. Pendergrast Ensemble is practically jubilant to be back at the Alliance. To family and friends, you are my whole heart. Jordan is thrilled to make her Alliance debut and be a part of this incredible show. She thanks her family and amazing husband Zayne for their support. Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks to The Mine. In Throne of Eldraine Standard, however, we actually have a lot more tools at our disposal to make this card do its thing. Sure, this card will probably never lead to a competitive tier 1 deck, but it will guaranteed be a tier- fun deck, and if you ask me, so much the better.

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With Food tokens supplying us with an accessible form of life gain, plenty of lifelink floating around, and a decent number of artifact creatures, we're well on our way. Plus, we also have a pretty clear deck-building path to winning with this card—and it involves just one color of mana. That's right.

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We're making a mono-white alternate-win-condition deck. And you thought you'd never have the weirdest deck at the table! Arcanist's Owl is especially helpful here because it's not only cute, it also fetches up an enchantment to help feed your win con. If seeing this card has set your brewing heart aflame, you also might be concocting ways to make it work in Commander.

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