e-book Gambling: A Story of Triumph and Disaster

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Gambling: A Story of Triumph and Disaster.

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Mike Atherton. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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Gambling Atherton, Mike. New Hardcover Quantity Available: 2. If you cannot stake correctly no matter what you start with you will end up losing it all. It sounds ridiculously simple to say it, but you need winners, not an unlimited amount of money. When talking about a single win bet, If you are a reasonable judge of a dogs chances and able to equate that to a realistic evaluation of its odds you should be able to make a profit from betting no matter how small your initial betting bank starts out.

That way as your bank decreases with losers so your bets decrease. When you start hitting winners your bank increases and you can increase your bets. Now if you back fifty losers on the reel perhaps it is evident betting is not for you. This initial staking plan helps educate you into realising that any single bet no matter how good a bet it appeared to be before the race, and regardless of the result, must not impact on what or how you will approach the next bet. The basis for any bet I have is simple.

Perceived chance is the personal chance you give to a dog.


The easiest way to explain this is to think that if the race was run 10 times, In your opinion, how many times would your selection win it? This all takes time, concentrated effort and hard work but initially if you specialise in a particular track or particular grades within that track it can be done.

Over a long period you will see if your odds versus chance assessment is good enough to make a profit. The aim of this is to be continually getting over the odds when you have a bet.

Gambling: A Story of Triumph and Disaster - AbeBooks - Mike Atherton: X

I have been quoting exact figures and odds so far but nobody is good enough to totally accurate or right all the time so allow yourself a bit of leeway when assessing a dogs chances. As I said earlier being able to take win and lose and not letting it affect or cloud your judgement is, in my personal opinion, they key to making a go of punting to win.

Home Latest News. Greyhound Star , November 25, Gary Noble Latest Greyhound News. Greyhound Star — November 1, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same.