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No sooner has he gotten married than he meets bewitching young Eve, Betty's niece, and falls for her. Eve becomes his lover, but the trouble is she's as calculating as he is.

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As a result, she plans to marry a rich young man since Philippe is bound by the ties of marriage. Philippe can't stand such a prospect and decides, with the complicity of the young woman, to murder Betty. This opera revolves around the demonic collective possession suffered by the Ursuline nuns in the convent of Loudun in The story concentrates on the handsome but doomed Urbain Grandier who fights against fanaticism and evil.

The child is placed in an orphanage, from where he is subsequently adopted by a childless couple, whom he grows to love and accept as his parents.

When the boy is 10 years old, his natural mother is found alive in Yugoslavia, where she survived the war as a refugee. She returns to Germany to claim her child, having lost her husband and two other children in the war. The film focuses on the moral dilemma of the situation: should the child remain with the adoptive parents who have given him a loving and happy home, or be returned to his natural mother who has lost everything else, and to what extent should the child's own wishes be taken into account?

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The case is finally referred to a three-man court, who will decide the child's future. William Potts is a hapless, clumsy schoolteacher, who just happens to be an identical body double for a notorious German general. When the army is made aware of this uncanny resemblance to the German, who they're currently holding prisoner, they decide to drop the reluctant Mr.

Potts behind enemy lines. His mission is to find and retrieve information on a secret weapon the Germans are planning to use. But whilst impersonating the general, William Potts manages to infiltrate a Hitler Youth college. He also manages to make a big impression on the students, who are being trained as spies and are learning how to fit into British society.

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  • Ovid and Homer in ‘German Rhymes’ (Ovid und Homer in ‘teutschen Reymen’).

Luckily Mr. Britain's, that is.

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They were an international multi-sport event which was held in London, England, United Kingdom. In the year 70 AD, with the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the second temple, the Jewish rebellion against Roman occupation is declared over. But Eleazar ben Ya'ir and his family flee the city vowing that the Judean War is not ended.

Eleazar and his followers make their headquarters on top of the mountain fortress of Masada.

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From there they conduct raids on Roman occupied villages in the south of Palestine. These guerrilla attacks threaten the credibility of the declared Roman victory. The commanding general of the 10th Legion, Cornelius Flavius Silva, arranges a meeting with Eleazar to negotiate a truce. Returning to Rome, Silva's hopes to implement a truce in Judea are quashed by the Emperor Vespasian because of political pressures in the Roman Senate. Silva is also informed that his second in command, General Marcus Quadratus, and Head Tribune Merovius, are spies for the emperor's political enemy.

While Silva is still in Rome, through the treachery of these two men, the truce is violently broken by the Romans. Felix continues to visit East Berlin to meet his new lover, but regulations require him to leave the city by Midnight on each visit and the border guards are getting rather suspicious and annoyed by his constant crossings from the West. Wanting a life together, the two plan to arrange Thomas' flight from the DDR. Thomas flies to Prague and tries to reach the West with the help of someone who arranges escapes from the Workers' Paradise.

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Thomas fliegt nach Prag und versucht von dort aus, mittels eines Fluchthelfers in den Westen zu gelangen. Autumn, Guy lives alone in a cottage in Lot-et-Garonne. In the woods, he finds a wounded German soldier and takes him home. Rolf recovers, but Guy won't let him leave, trailing him, grabbing him, challenging him to feats of strength.

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Guy tells Jenine about Rolf, but they must keep him hidden or risk punishment as collaborators. When the men's friendship becomes sexual, jealousy and possessiveness bring on tragedy and pathos. On the island of Ithaca, his wife Penelope is overrun at the palace by suitors who try in every way to woo and force her to marry again. His son Telemachus decides to go searching for him.

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Odysseus, however, is not dead: he was captured by the nymph Calypso, who, after an intervention of the Gods, releases Odysseus. The hero sets sail, but is shipwrecked on an island. There, he is rescued by Princess Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous. The king welcomes Odysseus, who tries to conceal his identity. Finally revealed, he begins to tell about the adventures and travels he had on his way back from the Trojan War.

One segment involves his encounter with Polyphemus, the Cyclops. It is with a shudder that this movie stays in one's memory. The film shows the world of a small village, full of brutality, stupidity, violence and base thoughts. Those who do not fit in are abused, marginalized, despised and cut down. The village has its code of life and tolerates no one who goes astray. Martin Sperr, who wrote the stage play for this film, plays Abram, the village mechanic, who is a closeted homosexual. Goriot and Mme. She left the next day, forgot to pay for six months' board, and left behind her wardrobe, cast-off clothing to the value of five francs.

Eagerly and persistently as Mme. Vauquer sought her quondam lodger, the Comtesse de l'Ambermesnil was never heard of again in Paris. The widow often talked of this deplorable business, and regretted her own too confiding disposition. As a matter of fact, she was as suspicious as a cat; but she was like many other people, who cannot trust their own kin and put themselves at the mercy of the next chance comer--an odd but common phenomenon, whose causes may readily be traced to the depths of the human heart.

Perhaps there are people who know that they have nothing more to look for from those with whom they live; they have shown the emptiness of their hearts to their housemates, and in their secret selves they are conscious that they are severely judged, and that they deserve to be judged severely; but still they feel an unconquerable craving for praises that they do not hear, or they are consumed by a desire to appear to possess, in the eyes of a new audience, the qualities which they have not, hoping to win the admiration or affection of strangers at the risk of forfeiting it again some day.

Or, once more, there are other mercenary natures who never do a kindness to a friend or a relation simply because these have a claim upon them, while a service done to a stranger brings its reward to self-love. Such natures feel but little affection for those who are nearest to them; they keep their kindness for remoter circles of acquaintance, and show most to those who dwell on its utmost limits. Vauquer belonged to both these essentially mean, false, and execrable classes. I know that kind of phiz! Eine der widerlichsten Eigenschaften der kleinen Seelen ist es, ihre eigene Kleinlichkeit bei den anderen vorauszusetzen.

Wo lag nun die Ursache dieses Niederganges? Like all narrow natures, Mme. Vauquer was wont to confine her attention to events, and did not go very deeply into the causes that brought them about; she likewise preferred to throw the blame of her own mistakes on other people, so she chose to consider that the honest vermicelli maker was responsible for her misfortune. It had opened her eyes, so she said, with regard to him.

As soon as she saw that her blandishments were in vain, and that her outlay on her toilette was money thrown away, she was not slow to discover the reason of his indifference. In short, it was evident that the hope she had so fondly cherished was a baseless delusion, and that she would "never make anything out of that man yonder," in the Countess' forcible phrase.

The Countess seemed to have been a judge of character. Vauquer's aversion was naturally more energetic than her friendship, for her hatred was not in proportion to her love, but to her disappointed expectations. The human heart may find here and there a resting-place short of the highest height of affection, but we seldom stop in the steep, downward slope of hatred.