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Still, you can make life easier for yourself by exploring your surroundings. From the cafeteria to the library, make a mental note of how to get to places, or make notes on your phone. It will get easier, so try to stay calm and carry on, even when your nerves threaten to get the better of you.

There is plenty more advice online on how to survive college life, including this excellent blog from Stephen Troese Jr , so gather as much info as you can to help you on your college journey. Do you remember the days of being in college? Among all of this pressure, there are still life lessons to learn in college. You could even help them with their money management. As hard as college is on the finances, it definitely does help to teach a lesson or two. They will have to learn to do things for themselves.

Washing and drying, and perhaps even ironing. They have the stress of making new friends, getting used to college, and getting used to living on their own to deal with. So sometimes because of all of this stress, hygiene levels do drop! They also learn to enjoy their own company , which we really do think is an important life lesson. A school trip company would organize the location and perhaps the itinerary, and all your kids would have to do is pay the fee to go.

My Freshman Year By Rebekah Nathan: November

Trips or studying abroad teaches your student to enjoy other parts of the world, and be aware of world problems. We would like to think that the biggest lesson they learn , is about the real world. During high school, kids are sort of shielded from the realities of what adult life is going to be like, but during college, they really start to drum it in about the hardships out there. So, the lessons to be learned will involve the importance of finding and keeping a good job, and how to look after themselves. Finally, a big lesson they will hopefully learn is the importance of family.

Family time is something that will become hard to come by while. But hopefully this lack of contact, but influx of support, teaches them why parents and family are the best people in their lives! Move-in day is approaching and students are deciding which items to take to college and which should be left behind. Even with supposed secure dorm entrances and locks on doors, most students do not take advantage of these safeguards.

Students allow other students to enter dorms without a key card and often leave their doors open or unlocked when going to class or other campus activities. Laptops, expensive textbooks, iPhones and other electronics are easily stolen in an instant if left unattended or secured. Watch the video below to see how it works and click the order button afterwards. Parents and students are crossing off tasks on their to-do lists as the summer progresses. At the top of the list is deciding what to take to college. My daughter, needless to say, overpacked.

In her anticipation of moving so far away from home over miles , she packed up her entire room to take with her. Once we arrived, we quickly discovered that her dorm was not equipped to house every pair of shoes, all her clothes, all her stuffed animals, every single picture frame and multiple snow globes.

Check with your college for a list of dorm items you can and cannot bring. One of the life lessons your new college student should learn is the difference between wants and needs. You can start by teaching them to narrow down their dorm essentials. It can easily become a massive list if you purchase every item on any dorm list. When my daughter attended college, we scrambled to find information regarding dorm essentials and packing tips.

Today, there are so many options available: shipping directly to a dorm, packaged items in bulk to save, and much more. Parents can now easily prepare for move-in day by taking advantage of some of these options. As you prepare for college move-in day and start checking off items on your college packing list , make sure to consider OCM. They offer families convenience, products that are university-approved and a great value. Want to win one of these Complete Campus Packs? Head over to my Facebook page and leave me a comment.

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At the end of the week July 6 I will choose a winner! Good luck! For nearly 40 years, OCM has been the approved, official partner and endorsed sponsor for more than college campuses and 1, campus organizations across the U. Students and parents can visit the new website at ocm. With offers of admission rolling in from ED and EA applications, now is a good time to start thinking about preparing for dorm life in the fall. College is an exciting time and getting ready for the move is a busy time. The following tips will help you prepare for this important time in your life.

One Call Away. She quits for you. Choices for fancy outfits only include outfits you have purchased earlier in the book or the free outfits you wore instead.

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Below are some of our frequently asked questions. Washers and dryers are provided in residence halls on campus. Each load is 1. There is an on-campus residency requirement at Southwestern for students who have had less than four full-time semesters in college.

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  • Incoming students must be at least 17 years of age at the time of initial occupancy to live in University housing. Tips for Crafting a Successful College Application Many college admission offices begin accepting applications on August 1. Navigating Financial Aid Here are some basic tips on paying for college for students and their families.

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