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A young slave girl who lives at Amity, a Jamaican sugarcane plantation. July has an unbreakable spirit and will to survive, finding humour in the darkest moments.

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What else has Tamara Lawrance been in? Since making her professional debut a couple of years ago, the actress has built up quite a CV. What does Tamara Lawrance thing of July? Who is Miss Caroline? Miss Caroline is the sister of plantation owner John Howarth. An odd and extremely insecure woman, she is looked down on by the other white women in the neighbourhood and is full of self-pity and fear. What else has Hayley Atwell been in?

The Long Song (TV series)

Who is old July? The Long Song is adapted from the novel by Andrea Levy, which is written as a 19th century memoir by an elderly Jamaican woman looking back on her youth in the final days of slavery — and the difficult transition to freedom.

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In the TV adaptation, we see old July writing out her story in fountain pen and ink, pausing to reflect on her life. Who is Godfrey?

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A house slave who has worked for 45 years on the plantation at Amity. Leading the cast of The Long Song is Tamara Lawrence as the irrepressible July, whose spirit cannot be crushed despite her circumstances. Hayley Atwell takes on the part of Caroline Mortimer, an English woman who is the sister to the slave owner of Amity plantation.

Jack Lowden portrays the young and handsome new plantation overseer Robert Goodman.

Atwell continued that Caroline didn't really have much power or authority - despite being a sister of a plantation owner - and that her bullying behaviour is down to her own "insecurity and cowardice". She gets a sense that the slaves are smarter than she is, and they know something about her that she doesn't know about herself and therein lies how pathetic and almost endearing and awful she is," she explained.

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I wanted to explore the psychological damage or the damage done to one's psyche, when that person inflicts damage on someone else you think, 'I bet she can't live in her one skin'. She's crawling in self-loathing.

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Three hundred years of slavery came to an end on the British-ruled Caribbean island of Jamaica in , but it still remains a shameful and rarely-acknowledged part of British colonial history. The Long Song underlines racial inequality that still pervades our society today.

Atwell suggested that the novel and adaptation offers an important insight into what happened to those who were enslaved and oppressed after slavery was abolished. So seeing this for me made me think, I want to know more about how group pf people who have been given the keys to build a life on their won terms without any resources… what do they do with that newfound freedom?

It was the recipient of the Walter Scott Prize.

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