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Harnessing innate immunity to cure HIV 3 years ago in Rule of 6ix. The Lure of the Obscure? Goodbye FoS, thanks for all the laughs 8 years ago in Disease Prone. Show 5 Show All. Goldenrod Email This BlogThis! Growing up as a child in rural New Zealand, I remember the community social events that would sometimes be held at the local district hall. On one evening, if I recall correctly, the event being held was a quiz night modelled after then-popular game show It's in the Bag.

For those unfamiliar with this long-running institution, contestants on the show who successfully answered a series of general knowledge questions asked by Selwyn Toogood, a large avuncular man with an appropriately fruity voice, would be offered the choice between a cash prize up front or a 'bag' containing an unknown prize.

This prize could potentially be something worth a lot more than the money on offer, such as a trip away or a home appliance game shows in the s often included whiteware among their top tier prizes. On the other hand, it could be worth a lot less, potentially even being effectively worthless as viewers at home, of course, we always hoped for the latter. On this occasion, one of the 'prizes' on offer was a packet of seeds from 'the pretty yellow flowers that grow so vigorously in the region'. Everyone in the audience would instantly recognise the flowers in question as ragwort Senecio jacobaea , a pernicious weed much maligned due to its toxicity to livestock.

Sweet love, I will no more : S. Whilst youthful sports : S. On the plains, fairy trains : S. Sweet heart arise : S.

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Give me my heart : S. Hark all ye lovely saints : S. Say dainty dames : S. Phyllis go take thy pleasure : S. In pride of May : S. Sing we at pleasure : S. Now is the bridals : S. Sing shepherds after me : S. Welcome sweet pleasure : S. Lady, your eye : S. We shepherds sing : S. I love and have my love : S. Come clap thy hands the first part : S. Phyllis hath down the second part : S. Farewell my joy : S. Now is my Cloris : S. Unto our flocks sweet Corolus : S.

Cease now delight : S. All at once well met : S. Madrigals of five and six parts Table of Contents: Read more Cold winter's ice is fled : S. Now let us make a merry greeting : S. Take here my heart : S. O Care, thou wilt despatch the first part : S. Hence Care, thou art too cruel the second part : S. See where the maids are singing : S. Why are you ladies staying? I hear some dancing the second part : S.

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Lady, the birds right fairly : S. As wanton birds : S. Like two proud armies : S. When Thoralis delights to walk : S. What have the gods? Methinks I hear the second part : S. Three times a day : S. Mars in a fury : S. Thule, the period of cosmography the first part : S. The Andalusian merchant the second part : S. A sparrow Hawk proud : S. Noel, adieu, thou court's delight : S. Cold winter's ice is fled : S. Airs or fantastic spirits Table of Contents: Read more Come let's begin to revel't out : S. Jockey thine horn-pipe's dull : S.

Some men desire spouses : S. To-morrow is the marrage day : S. Upon a hill the bonny boy : S.

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Come sirrah Jack ho : S. Tan ta ra cries Mars : S. The gods have heard my vows : S. Though my carriage be but careless : S. The Ape, the Monkey and Baboon : S. No, though I shrink still : S. Ay me, alas, hey ho : S. Late in my rash accounting : S. Four arms, two necks, one wreathing : S. Lord when I think : S.

Awesome hospitality. - Picture of Wildflower Hall, An Oberoi Resort, Shimla, Mashobra

Say, wanton, will you love me? I bei ligustri e rose : S. Strike it up, Tabor : S. Ha, ha! Fa la. Now weep, now sing : S. As deadly serpents lurking : S.

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Donna il vostro bel viso : S. The nightingale, the organ of delight : S.